You can join as a scout from first grade of elementary school or as volunteer leaders (Men and Women) if you are more than 18 years old. 

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Departure for Asia Pacific Scout Jamboree!

I hope to have many encounters and growth in Mongolia.

BS72 40th anniversary

Activity age group

 Beaver Scout(Blog)

 Cub Scout(Blog)

 Boy Scout(Blog)

 Venture Scout

 Rover Scout


 Activity area

 Kyoto-city Sakyo-ku Around  Iwakura,Takaragaike Park,  Yase, Ohara, Hiei Mountain,  Daimonji mountain,

 Shizuhara, Hanase,



Elementary School area

 Iwakurakita Elementary School

 Meitoku Elementary School

 Iwakuraminami Elementary  School 

 Kamitakano Elementary School

 Yase Elementary School 

 Syugakuin Elementary School

 Ichihara Elementary School

 Oohara Elementary School

 Kurama Elementary School

 Doshisya Elementary School