Kyoto Scout Troop 72 Q & A

Q1: What is the Kyoto Scout troop 72?

A1: The Kyoto Scout troop 72 started in 1975 (Showa 50) and is conducting their activities in the troop based area located in Iwakura.

It contains the sections: Beaver, Cab, Boy Scout, Ventures and Rovers.

Scouts activities are available for boys and girl. The leaders and supporters manage the troop in order to carry safely and confortable outdoor activities.


Q2: Where do the members study? Which school?

A2: Iwakurakita Elementary School (ES); Iwakuraminami ES; Meitoku ES; Kamitakano ES;  Syugakuin ES; Hiragino ES; Ichihara ES; Yase ES; Ohara ES; etc,

However, any other school not listed above would be welcome too. Scouts can make many friends beyond their neighbors and school.


Q3: How old are the members in each section?

A3: Their age is as follows:

· Beaver Scout: Kindergarten 3rd grade ~ Elementary school 2nd grade (August)

· Cub Scout: Elementary school 2nd ~ 5th grade (August)

· Boy Scout: Elementary school 5th grade (August) ~ Junior high school 3rd grade

· Venture Scout: Senior High school student

· Rover Scout: Up to 25 years old (College students and Workers)


Q4: What the role of leader?

A4: Currently, leaders are experienced people who have been involved in scouting activities for a while, scouts` parents. All is volunteer work and usually we do it during weekends and holidays.

The leader is a qualified person who has received training from a Scout training center recognized by the Japan Scout Association.


Q5: What kind of activities does the troop do?

A5: Each section performs their own activity according to their ability.

The Beavers play outdoors games and go hiking mainly on Sunday morning, twice a month. Games, crafts and outdoor food are also fun programs.

The Cubs have group meetings of two or three times a month. The program ranges according to their age and they normally do outdoor activities. In the spring and summer they camp with many daily life activities.

The Boy Scout section also plans and carries out their own activities, like camp in spring and summer. Snow camping and so sometimes is carried out although with some restrictions.

The ventures usually support Boy scout section and other volunteer activities. They execute their plans within individual projects, create reports, and are encouraged to acquire awards.

The Rovers continue their individual projects and sometimes assist as leaders of each section. 


Q6: What kind of service activities does occur?

A6: There are meals for sports and traditional events, street parade, etc., such raising funds are for greening in spring and autumn, improving the roadside of the national women's ekiden, carrying Maki of capital letters.


Q7: Do you have international exchange programs?

A7: Boy Scouts exists in more than 150 countries worldwide and has around 40 million scouts. And Scout competitions are held in many countries all over the world. Also in Japan used to host the 23rd world jamboree in Yamaguchi City, Kirara Beach in Yamaguchi Prefecture in August 2015.


Q8: Is it a requirement for the parents to participate?

A8: Boy scouts are not activities of children only. Adults with responsibilities are essential to support activities. For example, there are roles for parents, things like teaching scouts about the skills and knowledge of adults, asking for scrutiny, team members who will give support to facilitate the activities of each section. Parents also actively participate in activities of section and troops and think that you can do it with the feeling that "If it is not fun it is not a scouting." I would like to lend the power to improve the character of children.


Q9: What is the cost?

· Admission fee: 15,000 yen (only for first child)

· Membership fee: ¥ 8,000 per year

· Activity fee: 2,000 yen / month (Beavers - 1,000 yen per month)

· Uniform: Cub scouts costs about 10,000 yen, Beavers about 3,400 yen

· Other expenses, such as camping, party meetings cost extra money. 

· Boy scouting activities are acting with the purity as support, so the troop try to minimize the cost for the activities