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The Scouting was revealed by a concrete idea on training young people derived from 1907 by Lord Baden Powell with his book "Scouting for Boys" at experiment camp. Such practice spread in a big repercussion, not only in the UK, but also as the first movement spread worldwide so fast.

They practice activities to acquire human beings skills for a happy life, and construct a better society for the future according to their age.

Within such process, they also get important spirit of faith, to serve the country and local people. In addition, the scouts appreciate the natural environment.

The Scout Association of Japan was formed in 1915 (Taisho 4 years) and in 1922 (11th year of Taisho era) started in Kyoto. It has been nurtured numerous talented people, supported by one of the best history and tradition for the past 90 years.

Currently, about 145000 scouts in Japan and around 3000 in Kyoto continue to work diligently.

Outline of activity

■ Nature experience as part of youth development.

 · Cub Scout and Boy Scout camp implementation

 · Boy Scout Experience Camp

·  Regional Children's Classroom Project: Children's place to promote business

■ International exchange

 · We promote international activities.

 · Exchange camp with Florentine Federation (Italy) and the Gyeonggi South           Confederation (South Korea)

 · Dispatch to overseas camps

 · Dispatch to international cooperation projects

 · Host family for overseas scout homestay (domestic and overseas about 100 people / year)

 · Participation in overseas scout forums (Japan, the United States, Japan and Korea, international forum etc.) 

■ We do activities useful for society.

 · Nationwide Prefectural Counter Women's Ekiden Relay Competition Service (January)

 · National Wheelchair Ekiden Race Space Tournament Organization Service (February)

 · Visually Impaired Marathon Kyoto Games Roadside Service (March)

 · Youth health development "Parade to nurture boys brightly" Participating service (July) 

■ We do environmental conservation activities. 

 · 'Midori no Konomi' activities (develop fund-raising activities around each group)

 · Campaign for raising awareness on drug abuse prevention and fund raising activities

 · Traffic safety campaign promotion project etc.