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History of Troop 72

There were no scout troop in north of Kitashirakawa until the creation of 72 scout troop, which had the collaboration of 47 troop leaders and officials of Kyoto Scout Federation who were active in Iwakura area.

The activities at that time were done at the troop headquarters Iwakura Seika kindergarten (now Kirara Kindergarten), and on 1975 April 1st, 10 leaders and cub scouts total 22 people had a sunny party, and the activities started on occasion of celebration of 60th anniversary of Kyoto Boy Scout Federation.

Actually, boys and girls are active in our troop in five sections: Beaver, Cub, Boy, Venture, and Rover.

Each section leader carries his activity in their model. The leader is a qualified person who got the appropriate training recommended by the Japan Scout Association.

Often the troop does outdoor activities, games, crafts and hiking twice a month at Beaver section. The Cubs normally have meetings of twice or three times a month and outdoors activities according to the monthly theme. In the spring and summer, they usually camp and to practice what learn during the daily training. The Boy scouts section go tent camping in spring and summer. The ventures are supposed to support Boy scouts and volunteer activities; they execute plans in a personal project, create reports and challenge to acquire an award. The Rovers are responsible for individual projects and leadership of each section, and sometimes as assistant to leaders of of Cub and Boy teams.

We actively participate in community service activities, nationwide, wheelchair institutions, street parade etc.

The Iwakura area is close to Mt. Hiei and Takaragaike Park, and is surrounded by forests, and rivers, composing an excellent environment for scout activities. Our specialty is the acquisition of knowledge and skills that the young cannot learn at schools nor at home, and provide them enjoyable activities under the supervision of older generations that will make difference in their future.  

You would be warmly welcome to the Kyoto 72 Scout Troop.